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Friendster Social Network Dataset: Friends

Published July 4, 2011

Before its relaunch as a gaming website, Friendster was a social networking website that allowed users to connect with their friends. The central element of the site was the 'friends list', showing the contacts of the user. This dataset contains the connections between all Friendster users. It is the result of an extensive crawl of at the end of June 2011. It was performed as part of the ArchiveTeam project to archive part of the Friendster data before the service relaunched.

The data files list, for each user id, the user ids of the users that were listed on the friends page of that user. These connections have a direction: if user A lists user B as a friend, that does not imply that the friends list of user B also includes user A. Some of the users had elected to keep their friends list private. It is possible, however, that these users appear in the friends lists of others.

The dataset contains the friends lists of 103,750,348 users. The friends lists of an additional 14,001,031 users had been marked private. In total, the dataset contains 2,586,147,869 friend connections. In graph terms: the graph contains 117,751,379 nodes and 2,586,147,869 directed edges.

This dataset consists of 125 compressed text files, each containing the data of 1,000,000 users. The filename indicates the prefix of the user ids in the file. For example, file friends-031______.txt provides the friends lists of the users with user ids 31,000,000 to 31,999,999.

Identifier friendster-dataset-201107
Creator Archiveteam
Mediatype web
Date 2011-07-04
Year 2011
Publicdate 2011-07-05 12:44:18
Addeddate 2011-07-05 12:32:47
Coverage Worldwide
Filesxml Thu Sep 15 3:28:25 UTC 2011
Filesxml Thu Sep 15 20:52:28 UTC 2011
Language English


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In Collection
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Jason Scott
on 7/5/2011
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Archive Team
Archive Team
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